Craft Media Workshop is an Auckland, NZ based company that creates handcrafted documentary-style video to express the heart and mind of your story.   We are strongly client and results-focused and aim to make media that does just what you need.  That might be to clarify your brand vision, create a unique profile for your product or service, get you hits, share complex concepts in an engaging way, make a unique record of a personal event or something else.  Regardless, we believe there’s nothing more annoying and disappointing than a cookie-cutter approach or a video which looks amazing but which doesn’t do what it was made to do.   Our service is all about working with a client to isolate the right strategy and then delivering a perfectly tailored project that gets the job done.


Craft Media Workshop is the brainchild of director Lyn Collie.  Lyn is an award-winning documentary producer with a Master of Creative and Performing Arts in documentary directing and six years of experience creating educational media and video promotions.   Lyn’s documentary feature “There Once was an Island” is in international distribution and has won an embarrassing number of prizes at festivals around the world.  Her educational media for the University of Auckland Business School is screened to more than 2000 students weekly and her promotional work has supported the efforts of the Global Executive Leadership Programme as well as NGOs P3 Foundation and the Glenn Family Foundation here in New Zealand and overseas.

Craft Media Workshop likes to call on the talents of a host of
creative geniuses when the need arises:

Director Briar March

Editor Prisca Bouchet

Editor Mike Hardcastle

Motion graphic artist Brian Li

Composers The Soundroom

Web design team Lamington