Craft Media Workshop is an Auckland, NZ based company that creates handcrafted documentary-style video.  We’re strongly client and results-focused and aim to make media that does just what you need. We believe in a tailor-made approach to every job. Our service is all about working with you to isolate the right strategy and then delivering a video that gets results.


Craft Media Workshop is the brainchild of director Lyn Collie.  Lyn is an award-winning documentary producer with a Master of Creative and Performing Arts in documentary directing and nine years experience creating educational media and video promotions.   Lyn’s documentary feature “There Once was an Island” is in international distribution and has won a number of international prizes and awards. Her educational media for the University of Auckland Business School is screened to more than 2000 students weekly and her promotional work has supported the efforts of the Global Executive Leadership Programme, P3 Foundation, the Glenn Family Foundation and the blogcademy.