Become a client


Craft Media Workshop produces short videos for just about any purpose. We love documentary-style work but embrace other genres to get the best fit for a project. We create profiles and promotions, internal company communications and educational videos and screencasts. We also have significant experience in long-form documentary and event recording.


Please make contact by email or phone. We’ll discuss your needs and time frames and confirm whether your project can be fitted into our schedule. If you decide you want to work with us we’ll send a short proposal via email outlining your video concept, as well as a detailed budget. Once the concept and budget are approved by you, you pay a 20% deposit and we begin pre-production. After the completion of the shoot we will ask you to review a rough cut of the project and give us detailed feedback about the messaging and the story. We then make any changes required and create a final cut in the format you prefer.

Once you have paid the balance your video will be delivered to you as a download. We can offer advice about the best formats for web delivery and for setting up a Vimeo or YouTube channel if required.