The Blogcademy updated

The video I made for the Blogcademy Auckland is the first official job undertaken by Craft Media Workshop and that makes it both exciting and a little scarey.  Let me explain…For the last six years (and for the forseeable future) I’ve made educational media at one of New Zealand’s leading universities.  This is a very good gig – regular work, regular income, interesting clients and jobs, occasional international travel, quality equipment and infrastructure and quite a bit of autonomy and responsibility.  However.  The work, while varied, has a specific mandate to be educational and/or to promote learning and teaching.  It has largely internal audiences and it’s highly informational.  And I want to keep growing as a videographer, director and filmmaker.  And for me that means finding ways to work on other types of projects, for other types of clients.

So – back in May I was reading a post on about the Blogcademy while waiting for some video files to copy to the server.  Not strictly kosher but it was after hours, my inbox was clear and I felt like I deserved a little reward.  As I read down the page I realised there was an Auckland date in November, and I immediately wanted to make a video to showcase it.  Videos from previous Blogcademies were within the realm of what I knew I could produce and I wanted that chance to expand my repertoire and my audience.  I also wanted to participate actively in Gala’s brand and blog which I had been following for several years and I wanted to attend the Blogcademy.  So, full of enthusiasm I emailed Gala and then, video files copied, packed up to leave and promptly forgot all about it.

A week or so later I got a friendly email back apologising for the delay and accepting my offer.  Which was fantastic.  I did a little mental jig of joy.  And then I put the whole idea on the shelf for several months.  As you do.

However, as October rolled around I realised that shooting the Blogcademy really meant I had landed an opportunity to create more than just a video.  The next four weeks were spent in a frenzy of brand and collateral development with brand manager Vanessa McRae and graphic designer Rebekah Fraser, culminating in the Craft Media Workshop concept, logo, social media channels, website and blog and some really pretty kick-ass business cards.  Quite a rollercoaster and one I should have bought a ticket on much earlier.  However, it all rolled to a stop just in time for me to show up and capture the ‘all meat, no potatoes’ experience of Auckland’s Blogcademy and then spend three sweaty weekends piecing it all together.  In that time I dropped some serious dime on a raided hard-drive, committed to AVID Media Composer 7 as the editing platform of choice in my home studio and sorted my delivery workflows, while simultaneously annoying the bejezus out of three of my favourite and most generous film industry friends with questions and technical issues.  That process alone deserves a series of posts, but suffice it to say I remain laden with gratitude.  Everything was spectacularly last-minute but here I am – up and running!

And to crown the experience, the reaction to the video was better than I could have hoped.  I sent off a link late on a Saturday night in Auckland and within an hour Gala had emailed from early Saturday morning New York to say she was thrilled.  The rest of the Blogcademy agreed.  You can judge the results for yourself at the top of this post and let me know what you think.